Work with us

We’re currently looking for motivated software engineers who can help quickly evolve our patent-pending products: NeuroDesigner, a hybrid desktop/web app, and NeuroProcessor, a proprietary neuromeric processing pipeline. If one or both projects sound interesting, please read the requirements below and fill out the form below to set up a call.



Our proprietary NeuroProcessor method converts raw EEG data into meaningful neurometric insights via a manual execution of MATLAB code. To prepare for an automated integration and to better integrate AI features, we are converting the core code to Python. We are looking for eager, self-managing developers who want to be part of a small, nimble team to help accelerate this conversion initiative. Key skills required include:


  • * Familiarity with MATLAB (EEGLab)
  • * Python – MNE library, Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, et al
  • * Azure cloud architecture, i.e. cloud functions, VM (Virtual Machine), API, SQL, automation, AI studio a bonus


This Electron-based desktop app is currently being ported to the cloud and integrated with our neuroprocessor pipeline for full automation. The core of the electron app is built with React, Node, and TypeScript and some Azure APIs exist. We are looking for self-driven developers to help increase our velocity moving to a full asynchronous hybrid web/desktop app architecture, update current integrations with LabStreamingLayer (LSL) and BrainVision’s Remote Control Server. Key skills required include:


* Typescript
* React
* Electron
* Web sockets (TCP/IP)
* Third Party API integrations
* Azure cloud architecture, i.e. cloud functions, VM, API, SQL, automation, AI studio a bonus