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6311 Tidewater Island Cir
Fort Myers, FL 33908

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Using advanced brainwave monitoring technology, NERVANIX measures the learner's attention level, and then uses that data to inform instruction. Both educators and online learning systems can use attention data in real time to adapt instruction. Such "attention adaptivity" underpins education's ability to personalize instruction for individual students, quickly and easily.

Education publishers can optimize their products by evaluating how well those products engage and hold the attention of a learner.

Teachers can monitor attention levels of their students, in real time and over time, and adapt their instructional approach to address individuals who may need a little extra help staying engaged.

Administrators can use Nervanix to help them with their purchase decisions by determining which products and services are most likely to engage and hold the attention of the learner.

Students can earn badges by increased and sustained focus during instruction.




At NERVANIX, we start with a simple premise:
An attentive learner is an engaged learner,
and an engaged learner achieves academic success.


We're committed to responsible use of data and information.  Within our products all of the data is utilized solely for the purpose of adapting instructional content based on the real-time attention-data.

The data is yours, your data only exists for the session and we do not collect personally identifiable information.


Simplicity is never simple.

The convergence of neuroscience, education science, psychology and the quantified self offer a unique opportunity to build products and services that inform learners about their own physiology and attention.  

Our products are designed to be simple.




Our team and advisors are engaged in the classroom, instruction and publishing.  We have built our careers in the service of learning, science and the forward-looking application of technology.

Engagement and participation in the groups, industry associations and events that bring stakeholders together is key to our leadership.