Just think...What if there were a tool that helped promote attentiveness? What if that tool could help learners keep track of exactly where they lost track? Thanks to advances in neuroscience research and technology, Nervanix has designed a tool that helps ALL LEARNERS overcome inattention and distraction.

Pioneering the exciting new instructional category known as Attention Adaptivity,™ we have developed Nervanix Clarity, which empowers students to engage their study material in an entirely new and unique way. Nervanix Clarity builds effective learners by strengthening cognitive abilities. This unique tool enables learners to identify attention levels while they study. Cognitive skills combined with emotional interest and active engagement produce effective learners who achieve at higher levels.

  • Using a simple and safe EEG headset, Nervanix Clarity measures attention levels of learners as they study and paces along with them as they navigate a page, watch a video, listen to a recording or interact with a digital manipulative.
  • A simple way to understand the application is like comparing it to a DVR -- it's like a DVR for studying -- as it intelligently guides a learner back to specific content areas where he or she may have missed critical concepts due to lack of concentration.
  • Nervanix Clarity also allows learners to pin information along the way. As important as it is to identify lack of attention, it is also important to understand areas of high attention and why attention levels were so high -- therefore, a learner can "pin" parts of the lesson where she may have found content highly interesting, confusing, vague or anything in between. Nervanix Clarity will then take the learner back to the exact area that was pinned for further review.
  • Nervanix Clarity is a simple application that runs in the background as learners engage with study material (i.e., digital text, video files, audio files, etc.)
  • When learners complete a study session, they are presented with a graphical representation of their study session, showing their attention levels, moment by moment, and allowing them to easily see where they need to review.
  • Wireless sensory headsets measure attention and communicate via Bluetooth with desktops, laptops, Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Nervanix Clarity enables users to review specific sections of material multiple times until they are satisfied with their attention levels and their overall study session.
  • Teachers, parents, and tutors can track progress and monitor where students are having trouble -- in real time -- providing immediate data analysis to help students pinpoint areas where assistance is needed.
  • Learners can "pin" sections of material -- for any reason -- that they want to review later (i.e., found material interesting, confusing, helpful, etc.). This fosters critical thinking skills and "ownership" of the learning process.