Focus groups have served for decades as a highly effective method to test the effectiveness of marketing strategies. In recent years, we've seen the rise of "neuro-marketing", where focus groups are equipped with EEG technology, and attributes such as attention and emotion are measured against advertising and marketing content -- offering a unique and very valuable perspective into how marketing content affects the consumer.

Just as marketing professionals can optimize advertisements for the engagement of their audience, so can instructional designers and content/platform teams optimize learning objects for learners.

We live in a world where time is money; where knowledge is power; where efficiency and efficacy are critical to the success of an enterprise. Nervanix Designer is a software that empowers content developers with an additional layer of quality assurance to ensure that the content and platforms they build are engaging. By improving engagement, trainees learn faster and come out the other end knowing more... which translates to added value for all stakeholders. Nervanix provides Designer as a turn-key service, as well as a license with comprehensive training, empowering instructional designers to run their own studies and analytics on premises.