To learn effectively, you must be able to focus and pay attention.  The Nervanix Insight application provides real-time feedback on your attention levels which it measures through a wireless-EEG headset.


How Insight Works

The Nervanix Insight app is simple and straightforward.

You read or perform educationally relevant tasks on your computing device while wearing a wireless headset that continually measures EEG indices of your attention level.  It is like a Fit-Bit for your brain.

FOCUSED tablet_.png


When your EEG activity signals
a focused, attentive state,
the screen brightens and remains bright.

notfocused tablet_.png


As your attention drifts,
the screen dims. 
To read the material clearly,
you will need to refocus
which then brightens the screen.


android tablet-report_.png


At the end of each session,
you can view your attention score
and a chart showing how your attention
fluctuated over time.


Who Developed Insight?


Dr. David Rabiner

Dr. David Rabiner is a research professor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University; he has spent several decades researching ADHD, attention difficulties and novel treatments for children with attention difficulties.


Dr. Ed Hamlin

Dr. Ed Hamlin is the founder and clinical director of the Institute for Applied Neuroscience in Asheville, NC, where he specializes in the application of neuroscience techniques to address a range of difficulties, including attention problems. He is a recognized leader in the neurofeedback field and has trained thousands of clinicians to use neurofeedback.

Dr. Rabiner has long been interested in neurofeedback as treatment for attention difficulties and was impressed with the research that supports it. 

Most neurofeedback treatment options are offered in a clinician’s office and can be time consuming and expensive given that regular sessions are needed. Additionally, both Dr. Rabiner and Dr. Hamlin were troubled by the fact that current neurofeedback training is game-based and has no relation to the tasks and content-based work we encounter in the real world.

Nervanix Insight was created to address these issues.


The Insight Advantage