Value-added Resellers: Bring biosensor technology that improves eLearning and promotes brain wellness to customers in your region.

Nervanix is looking to gain Resellers of our products and services to engage our brand for effective learning throughout the world. Resellers are organizations that have a contractual business relationship with Nervanix to provide our products and services within specific geographic territories and/or market segments.

In exchange for being a Nervanix Reseller, we provide one-of-a-kind training and marketing resources. Support that allows resellers to provide Nervanix products and services consistent with the high standards held by our company.

Possible areas of excellence we look for in a reselling organization:

  • Tutoring and mentoring for academic and/or professional success
  • Corporate learning and professional development specialists
  • Value added service which provides for individuals with special educational needs

The key characteristics of a Nervanix reseller are:

  • Experience and dedication to effective learning and professional success.
  • A clear understanding, appreciation, and passion for the science and technology that underpins the Nervanix products.
  • Business experience and access to capital that can make it possible to establish and grow a learning business, which will lead to widespread use of Nervanix products in a manner that is beneficial to individuals, our resellers and the Nervanix community at large.

For further information about becoming an International Reseller with Nervanix contact Info@Nervanix.com