NERVANIX is an exciting company in the educational technology sector that applies groundbreaking advances in the field of neuroscience to improve attention and focus in order to optimize learner engagement and achievement. The technology is used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of instructional learning models by applying the concept of Attention Adaptivity™. Using state-of-the-art EEG technology, NERVANIX measures attention levels of learners, both in real time as well as longitudinally, and uses that information to:

• enable learners to self-identify areas of inattention and help them train their attentional skills.

• empower instructional designers with new data to help them optimize content for learner engagement.

• inform instructors/managers on attentional levels of their learners/employees, providing them a unique, new perspective around training and performance, and allowing them to adapt their instructional approach to make learning more efficient and effective.